30 August - 1 September 2023
Edinburgh Napier University, United Kingdom

Embodied Sound in the Virtual

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Best Long Paper

An Interactive Modular System for Electrophysiological DMIs by Francesco Di Maggio, Atau Tanaka, David Fierro and Stephen Whitmarsh

Best Short Paper

A Plugin for Neural Audio Synthesis of Impact Sound Effects by Zih Syuan Yang and Jason Hockman

Best Music Performance

VRitual AV: Tactile Micro Interface by Steve Gibson

Best Installation

The Unbearable Lightness of Words by Jaeyoung Elsa Park

Best Demo

Paraslap: Bass string instrument designed for the slap technique by Rotem Ifrach, Ezri Tarazi and Lior Arbel


Award process

All attendees were asked to vote for their preferred long paper, short paper, music performance, installation and demo. The works with the most votes were selected to receive the award. Please see the statistics in the PDF that you can download above.