Trento, Italy

Sonic experiences in the era of the Internet of Sounds

1-3 September 2021

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Audio Mostly 2021


All activities of Audio Mostly 2021 take place virtually


Welcome to Trento and to the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science



Audio Mostly

Audio Mostly is an interdisciplinary conference on design and experience of interaction with sound that prides itself on embracing applied theory and reflective practice. Its annual gatherings bring together thinkers and doers from academia and industry that share an interest in sonic interaction and the use of audio for interface design. This remit covers product design, auditory display, computer games and virtual environments, new musical instruments, and education and workplace tools. It further includes fields such as the psychology of sound and music, cultural studies, system engineering, and everything in between in which sonic interaction plays a role.

AM'21 calls for Papers, Demos, Workshops, and Music & Installations on extended realities. Attendees will expect a full program including 3 days of paper, poster and demo sessions, two concerts, and an exhibition on "Sonic experiences in the era of the Internet of Sounds". Given the current pandemic situation the conference will run virtually,

The Internet of Sounds is an emerging area positioned at the intersection of Sound and Music Computing and the Internet of Things. Its outreach is very broad as it encompasses various fields including networked music performance, sonic interaction design, auditory display, accessible technologies based on sound, musicology, sociology of music, music information retrieval, semantic audio, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, virtual and augmented reality.

These areas impact a broad variety of technological and non-technological stakeholders, including sound designers, experts in interactive sonification, developers, performers, audience members, studio producers, instrument makers, musicologists, as well as experts in ecoacoustics and wireless acoustic sensor networks. 

We envisage covering this topic from a variety of viewpoints: from design (HCI, sonic interaction design, sonification and multisensory interactions, extended reality) over engineering (signal processing, spatial audio, networking, artificial intelligence) to music and fine arts (composition; artistic research). AM'21 will mostly focus on sound and explore the interaction between audio and Internet-based technologies.

Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science (DISI)

The conference is organised by Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science (DISI), of University of Trento. DISI is one of the leading Italian and worldwide institutions in the field of engineering and computer science, constantly top ranked in national and international ranking sytems. 


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