Trento, Italy

Sonic experiences in the era of the Internet of Sounds

1-3 September 2021

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Registration and attendance


To register follow the registration procedure at this link (note that this is needed only for presenting authors of papers, demos, music and workshops, not for the general audience willing to attend the conference freely streamed on YouTube):

Registration must be completed before 4th of August. Note: to register and attend the conference it is mandatory to provide a signed consent form related to the use of audio-visual recording material. The consent form is downloadable from the registration form as well as at the top of this page.

Audio Mostly requires that at least one author of each accepted contribution (paper, demo, workshop, music piece, or installation) must be registered to and attend the conference as well as the individually assigned session/concert/workshop.

Virtual participation

Accepted papers may be presented and discussed via video live stream on Zoom and YouTube, while being a full part of the proceedings. Following the notification of acceptance, authors have to submit their presentation in form of a video recording.

Please prepare a video of your presentation, upload it on YouTube (as a public video) and send us the link by 15th of August at the latest ( We will insert the link to the online programme. The conference programme will be released in the end of August. 

The duration of the video shall be 10-12 minutes for long papers, 5-7 minutes for short papers, and 3-5 minutes for demo papers. During the conference, a Q&A session will follow the broadcasting of the video.



Virtual participation to AM'21 is free for everybody with exception of at least one of the presenting authors. For presenting authors the fee is 50 euro. There is no early bird or discount for students. However, thanks to the contribution of our sponsors, a number of fees (at least 4) will be waved for first-authored contributions of master and PhD students of economically developing countries or anybody in financial problems. Those requesting to have the fee waived, upon acceptance of their contribution need to send their CV to the diversity and equality chairs (,, who will rank the requests on the basis of the excellence of the CVs.