Trento, Italy

Sonic experiences in the era of the Internet of Sounds

1-3 September 2021

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Call for Music & Installations

We invite submissions of short music pieces with a maximum length of 7 minutes (longer works may be argued) and sound-based installations around the conference theme "Sonic experiences in the era of the Internt of Sounds".
We especially encourage submissions of networked music performances and any musical work dealing with local or remote networks.



To be announced.

Review and Selection Process

The works will be reviewed by a panel of electronic composers and musicians. At least one of the authors who wish to have their work presented at AM21 must register to the conference. Authors of accepted works appear in the proceedings with their program notes and a short excerpt or recording as documentation of their work online.
Preference will be given to submissions that are technically feasible and have a clear documentation of the setup.

Submission Information

Submission should include:

  • Title of the work.
  • Authors list.
  • Programme Notes (max 150 words).
  • Statement of the relevance of the work to the conference theme.
  • Detailed description and diagrams of the setup and spatial information.
  • Link to download of media files: stereo mix for audio files; e.g., videos, photos, sketches

Please contact the music chairs if you have any questions regarding this.

Music Chairs

Maria Kallionpää and Jesper Nordin -

For more information including important dates, see Call for Contribitions.