University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK

Audio Mostly 2019: A Journey in Sound
18th to 20th September 2019

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Call for Papers

As an interdisciplinary audio conference, Audio Mostly would like to welcome paper submissions from anyone interested in audio design, interaction and technology.

The special theme for the conference this year is ‘A Journey in Sound’ and we would particularly encourage papers relating to this theme for at the conference this year. We often have different experiences of sound and music though out our lives, there are sounds that remind us of different places and people. We also have different playlists and songs that take us back and remind us of certain times and events. Throughout our lives we are interacting with sounds and music, we are on a journey in sound. This year the theme of the conference is open to interpretation, but people might think about the following, in relation to the theme:

  • Sonic aspects of digital stories, documentaries and archives

  • The soundtrack to our lives. Archiving and sharing sound

  • The emotional potential of a sound, how might this be used to support interaction

  • The different uses of sound and music across different settings

  • The re-use of recollections and memories by composers and sound designers

  • The development of musical tools that can let us express our experiences over time

  • Socio-technical uses of AI create highly personalised soundtracks that respond to one’s context

  • Adaptive sound and music use in journeys, time and the creative use of data


Audio Mostly 2019 encourages the submission of papers (oral/poster presentation) addressing such questions and others related to the conference theme and the topics presented below.

The Audio Mostly conference series is interested in sound Interaction Design & Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in general. The conference provides a space to reflect on the role of sound/music in our lives and how to understand, develop and design systems which relate to sound and music – we are particularly interested in this from a broad HCI perspective. We encourage original papers (oral/poster presentation) addressing the conference theme or other topics from the list provided below. We welcome multidisciplinary approaches involving fields such as music informatics, information and communication technologies, sound design, music performance, visualisation, composition, perception/cognition and aesthetics.

  • Accessibility

  • Aesthetics

  • Affective computing applied to sound/music

  • AI, HCI and Music

  • Acoustics and Psychoacoustics

  • Auditory display and sonification

  • Augmented and virtual reality with or for sound and music

  • Computational musicology

  • Critical approaches to interaction, design and sound

  • Digital augmentation (e.g. musical instruments, stage, studio, audiences, performers, objects)

  • Digital music libraries

  • Ethnographic studies

  • Game audio and music

  • Gestural interaction with sound or music

  • Immersive and spatial audio

  • Interactive sonic arts and artworks

  • Intelligent music tutoring systems

  • Interfaces for audio engineering and post-production

  • Interfaces or synthesis models for sound design

  • Live performing arts

  • Music information retrieval & Interaction

  • Musical Human-Computer Interaction

  • New methods for the evaluation of user experiences of sound and music

  • Participatory and co-design methodologies with or for audio

  • Philosophical or sociological reflections on Audio Mostly related topics

  • Psychology, cognition, perception

  • Semantic web music technologies

  • Spatial audio, interaction design and ambisonics

  • Sonic interaction design

  • Sound and image interaction: from production to perception

  • Sound and soundscape studies


Paper submissions can be presented in the two following formats:

  • Short papers (4 pages) should present a work-in-progress.

  • Long papers (5-8 pages) should present a substantial contribution to the field.


Please see the Authors’ instructions & submission section of the website for submission templates and further information on the submission process.

Submission Site



*Please make sure that your submission is anonymised to ensure fair reviewing.

Audio Mostly 2019 papers can be of the following nature:

  • Original research papers, which report original research methods and results.

  • Review papers, which typically summarise the current state-of-the-art on a topic.

  • Position papers, which typically present opinions about specific issues.

  • Case study papers, which typically present practical situations in real-world contexts that can contribute to existing knowledge of the field.

Upon paper submission, authors will have the possibility to give their preferences for oral or poster presentations. The final mode of presentation (oral/poster) will be based on the review process and program constraints, and will be communicated to the authors upon acceptance.


Review and Selection Process

Papers will be subject to double blind peer-review by at least two reviewers and included in the conference proceedings.

We encourage authors of papers to also consider their work for the Demo track, wherever relevant (see Call for Demos and guidelines below).

Audio Mostly 2019 proceedings will be published by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) (to be confirmed) and made available through their digital library.



Notification of Acceptance: 2nd August 2019

Camera Ready: 12th August 2019



Audio Mostly requires that at least one author of each accepted paper must be registered to the conference to give the oral or poster presentation.



For more information or questions, please contact the Paper and Poster Chairs: Adrian Hazzard & Elizabeth Kelly