University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK

Audio Mostly 2019: A Journey in Sound
18th to 20th September 2019

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Call for Demos

The Audio Mostly 2019 Demo/Installation forum is a high-visibility opportunity for Researchers, Industry and Practitioners in sound & interaction to present a hands-on demonstration of their work.

We equally welcome self-contained projects as well as large-scale installations and artworks.


We encourage submissions of demonstrations in any of the areas listed in the Call for Papers and in particular:

  • augmented and/or participatory experiences

  • game audio

  • experiences

  • immersive and spatial audio

  • virtual reality

  • interactive sound installations

  • interfaces and instruments for musical expression

  • interfaces for information retrieval and signal processing

  • auditory display and sonification interfaces



Demonstration (demo) and installation proposals must take the form of a paper submission of up to 5 pages in length.

We encourage authors of demonstrations/installations to also submit a regular paper (see Call for Papers).

Please see the Authors’ instructions & submission section of the website for submission templates and further information on the submission process. 


Submission Site



Demo/installation papers should clearly pinpoint the novelty and characteristics of the project, even for readers who are not able to attend the demonstration at the conference. The papers should include:

  • A description of the system and the problem it addresses. Where relevant, please discuss the broader context and research questions the work promotes reflection on;

  • A description of the user or the audience the work intends to target;

  • A description of the relevance of the work to the sound/music interaction design community, emphasising its novelty, uniqueness, and rationale.

  • Requirements for the demonstration must also be submitted as supplementary material in the PDF format. The requirements must indicate:

    • Demo title and author information;

    • Technical set-up;

    • Space requirements;

    • Any other information that will help us organise the demo exhibits.


The supplementary demo PDF material is for the purpose of review and planning only and will not be published. If you would like to provide accompanying audio and/or videos that can help us understand the scope of your demo, please include links to them in your supplementary demo PDF material and/or demo paper.

We will be able to provide basic equipment (e.g. tables, chairs, power sockets, WiFi connection) and we will try to meet any additional requests, subject to equipment and space availability. However, authors are expected to provide for their own specific materials (e.g. loudspeakers, screens, projectors, sound boards). Also, depending on the number and type of accepted demos, please note that we might need to adapt your proposed set-up to meet the restrictions imposed by the space and the circumstances. For instance, we might need to reduce the space available for your demo and to require the use of headphones.


Review and Selection Process

Selection of demos will be curated by the Demonstration and Program Chairs. Authors of demos will have to specify upon submission whether they wish to have their paper considered for inclusion in the main conference proceedings. Demo papers to be considered for inclusion in the main proceedings will be subjected to peer-review (see Call for Papers and Authors’ instructions & submission). It will be possible to present an accepted demonstration without having the paper peer-reviewed, but the paper will not be part of the conference main proceedings. By leaving the peer-review process optional, we aim to accommodate the needs of different types of authors (e.g. academics, practitioners, artists and industrials).


Submission Deadline: 1st July 2019

Notification of Acceptance: 2nd August 2019

Camera Ready: 12th August 2019



Audio Mostly requires that at least one author of each accepted demo/installation must be registered to the conference to manage the set-up and presentation of the demo.



For more information or questions, please contact the Demo & Installation Chairs:

Richard Ramchurn -

Doon McDonald -