23-26 August

Queen Mary, London, UK

Augmented and Participatory Sound and Music Experiences

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Audio Mostly is one of the premier conferences in sound design for interfaces, products and environments. In 2016, we celebrated the conference’s 10 year anniversary. Please contact us at am2017-chairs@qmul.ac.uk to discuss further how to support and sponsor the conference


Chirp is the global leader in data-over-sound communications. We are a fast growing B2B technology company with a lean team of the world’s finest in their respective areas of expertise.


The Audio Commons Initiative aims at bringing Creative Commons audio content to the creative industries, partly through the EU funded Audio Commons project. The initiative is promoting the use of open audio content and developing technologies to support an envisioned ecosystem of content repositories, production tools and users enabling the reuse of audio material and its integration into creative production workflows.


Solid State Logic is a world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for film, audio, video and broadcast professionals. With more than 3000 SSL-equipped studios and facilities operational today, the excellence of SSL consoles is universally recognised for unrivalled sonic quality, superb ergonomics, outstanding automation and an international support infrastructure second to none.


The Media and Arts Technology (MAT) programmes at QMUL provide a bridge between academic research, digital technologies, and creative industries. MAT offers innovative inter-disciplinary programmes in the sciences and technologies that transform the creative sector, with a special focus on Sound, Music, Media, and Interaction.