18-20 September 2024
University of Milan, Italy

Explorations in Sonic Cultures

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Call for Music

Call for Music

Audio Mostly 2024 invites composers and sound artists to submit music compositions that deal with the topic “Exploration in Sonic Cultures” in the field of interdisciplinary art. The concert will take place during the conference days in Milan. 

We especially encourage and promote works that seek to foster a dialogue across multiple disciplines such as acoustic, media art, networking, sound art and technology, or that deal with the topic of the exploration of sound as mean to preserve, document and further develop a cultural heritage. Special consideration will be given to works that combine the conference theme with mixed media chamber music practice. 


Submission portal: Microsoft CMT https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/AM2024/

Important dates: Important Dates 


Technical details 

The conference provides 2 main different submission categories: 

  1. Works for Solo/Duo. This category encourages works for solo acoustic instrument or duo of acoustic instruments, accompanied by electronic instruments. Audio Mostly 2024 will provide the following instruments and performers: up to two saxophones, one piano, one set of percussion instruments (a detailed list is available upon request). Authors are welcome to make use of other instruments, provided that they also supply a performer to play these instruments at the concert. 
  2. Works for Laptop Ensemble. This category encourages works for laptop ensembles. Audio Mostly 2024 will provide the Milano Laptop Orchestra (MLOrk), a young ensemble of electronic musicians. Submitted works can be written for up to 7 laptop performers, should target Windows or macOS and any combination of SuperCollider, Max, ChucK, and Pure-Data. Authors can use Raspberry and/or Arduino devices with sensors provided by them. 

For both submission categories Audio Mostly 2024 will provide quadriphonic or 5.1 audio setup. Dedicated speakers per laptop will also be available. Other audio setups are not supported. 

For both submission categories a maximum duration of 15 minutes is strongly encouraged. 

Submission procedure 

Works can be submitted in the form of a traditional, graphical or digital (video) music score. The submission must be anonymized and not include any identifying information. Authors must refrain from citing authors' own prior work in anything but third person. 

In addition, please submit a PDF supporting document for the work via the conference submission portal. This can be up to 2 pages, and should contain the following information where applicable: 

  • Author name (only after acceptance)
  • Performer names (only after acceptance)
  • Contact details (only after acceptance)
  • Title of the work
  • Statement of the relevance of the work to the conference theme and/or topics
  • Program notes
  • Technical requirements (audio and visual)
  • Required stage layout
  • Duration
  • Submission category (Solo/Duo or Laptop Ensemble)
  • Any additional media describing the artwork (audio, video, images) 

You may submit multiple works for review, but only one submission per participant will be accepted to the conference. Further technical details may be provided before the submission start date. 


Selection process 

The selection process will be conducted by the Music Chairs aided by a committee of experts. The acceptance decisions will be made at their sole discretion. 


Upon notification of acceptance, authors will be requested to update the submission draft with the author and performer names. Please note that, for a selected work to be performed at the Audio Mostly 2024 concert, at least one among the composer(s) and the performer(s) indicated by the composer must register to the conference. The registered person is the only one admitted to the technical program, coffee breaks, and lunches.