St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, Austria, 6th - 9th of September 2022

What you hear is what you see?

Perspectives on modalities in sound and music interaction

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Student Competition


We will be hosting the pre-finals of Europe's Sixth Student 3D Audio Production Competition at this year's Audio Mostly. 

The S3DAPC is organized by IEM and we are happy to share their call for submissions. 

Dear colleagues & friends,

We happily announce the call for Europe's Sixth Student 3D Audio Production Competition. IEM Graz will host the event via live internet stream in cooperation with vdt, ORF musikprotokoll (Oct. 6th-9th) to award, honour, and present the final ranks of the finalists in a public ceremony around Oct. 8th 2022 (+- 1 day).

Call: Students who are interested in 3D-spatialized sound and work on spatial music, spatial audio productions or recordings are invited to participate by submitting short works (4min/11min) to the Sixth Student 3D Audio Production Competition.

There are three submission categories:

(1) contemporary / computer music (11min),
(2) audio drama / documentary / soundscapes (4min),
(3) music recording / studio production (4min).

The format requirements for preparing a submission and exemplary tools to check are given here  and of course you can get in touch if there are questions:

The submission portal 
is open until the June 30th 2022.

An international jury will assess the submissions concerning the creative and technical quality, providing feedback to all the participants of the competition. Based on the resulting ranking, the finalists will be selected for presentation at our virtual award ceremony in Oct. 2022. We are working on the opportunities to present these finalist works prior to the awards ceremony at audiomostly; and for category (1) at musikprotokoll and in Austrian contemporary/classic radio program (ORF OE1) around the finals. The finalists will be notified and requested to attend the meeting to virtually receive their award, the jury’s comments, and say a few words about their submissions.

The nominated submissions will be made available via the Cat3DA player at for head-tracked binaural playback on demand, and we will air a live video stream of the S3DAPC finals over the internet.

The S3DAPC finals with the awards ceremony will be the platform to present and celebrate the nominees and their submissions.

We encourage institutions with loudspeaker facilities and space for this celebration to organize live breakout sessions. These are connected via stereo live stream for the speech parts of the event, but local listeners enjoy 5th-order playback of the submissions on loudspeakers.

Best regards,

Matthias Franz
Franz Zotter


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