St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, Austria, 6th - 9th of September 2022

What you hear is what you see?

Perspectives on modalities in sound and music interaction

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Authors’ Instructions & Submission


EasyChair for Audio Mostly 22:



All papers must be created with the ACM Primary Article Template with the "sigconf" layout, available for both Word and LaTeX.

Alternatively, you can use the template for the Overleaf online LaTeX editor.

All papers must be submitted in PDF format.


Camera-ready papers

Please finish your camera-ready papers until 22nd July 2022.

This will require the following steps:

Revise your paper

Please improve your paper by taking into account the scientific and editorial corrections/suggestions you have received from reviewers.

Please take the responsibility for a final spell check and language-style correction before submitting your camera-ready paper.

Make sure that you stay within the maximum page limit for your category (short/long paper). See Call for Papers.

Please adhere to the in-text citation style and reference format guidelines provided by the ACM. If you do not, your paper will be returned to you for proper formatting.

Also, make sure that you are using the correct template. See Call for Papers. Set up the ACM template in camera-ready mode (as opposed to review mode which generates line numbers, or author version mode).

Please import the required indexing concepts for your article from the ACM Computing Classification System (CCS). You can use the following web-based indexing support tool which generates the necessary TeX/XML code once you have selected your terms to insert in your LaTeX/Word templates.

For your camera-ready submission, please include ‘alt-text’ for your images to improve the accessibility of your work. Details on how to write alt-text in Word or Latex can be found here:

Optional upload of supplementary data offers free permanent storage of research data with permanent digital object identifiers (DOIs). It is perfectly suited to refer to supplementary material from within your camera-ready paper, therefore recommended by AM'22.

If you have any research data that is coupled to your publication (e.g., data sets, appendices, source code, GitHub repositories, etc.), you can upload it there and include the DOI in your paper.

The procedure is as follows:

- go to

- click the "New Upload" button

- log in with GitHub, ORCID, or Zenodo account

- enter meta-data and upload data

- you obtain a DOI

- cite your data properly via DOI within your paper

- we will be notified and accept your upload to appear under

Update metadata in EasyChair

Update abstract, authors, and title in EasyChair if something has changed. 

Upload files to EasyChair 

Update the pdf of the final paper via EasyChair.


ACM Digital Library information

After the overall registration process has been completed, the ACM ICPS publication process will be initiated. You will then receive directly from the ACM a copyright form, the correct rights management and bibliographic information text to add to your paper (incl. ISBN, DOI), and further instructions. They will use the mail addresses “” and “” to contact you.

Conference Presentations

Please find information on the different formats of presentations below.

Long Papers on-site (including IWIS papers)

Please prepare a 15 minutes oral presentation of your paper. We will have 5 minutes for Q&A sessions for each presentation. Please use a 16:9 aspect ratio for your slides.

Long Papers online

Please prepare a max 10 minutes video presentation of your paper by August 15 in the following format: codec h.264 (.mp4), resolution 1920x1080, audio 48kHz (16-bit). Please provide a permanent download link to your video accessible until the end of the conference and send it to The filename should be "paperNumber_presentationVideo" (e.g. 4256_presentationVideo). We will play back your video in our main conference room and will have 5 minutes for a hybrid Q&A session. Please make sure to have a stable internet connection, proper lighting, and a good microphone for the Q&A session via Zoom. 

Short Papers on-site

Please prepare a POSTER and/or DEMO for the presentation of your paper. Your poster should be printed in DIN A0 or DIN A1 format.

AllAroundAudio on-site presentation

Please prepare a 10 minutes oral presentation. We will have 5 minutes for Q&A sessions for each presentation. Please use a 16:9 aspect ratio for your slides.