St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, Austria, 6th - 9th of September 2022

What you hear is what you see?

Perspectives on modalities in sound and music interaction

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Call for Demos

Demo Call

Audio Mostly calls for a hands-on demonstration of works. We equally welcome self-contained projects.

Submission Information

Demonstration (demo) proposals must take the form of a short paper submission (up to 4 pages, see call for papers).
We encourage authors of regular papers to submit an accompanying demo. In this case, only the demonstration requirements need to be submitted.
Requirements for the demonstration must be specified in an additional document as part of the supplementary material. The requirements are for the purpose of review and planning only and will not be published. They indicate:
  • Demo title and author information;
  • Technical setup;
  • Space requirements;
  • Desired duration;
  • Any other information that will help us organize the demo exhibits.
We will be able to provide basic equipment (e.g. tables, chairs, power sockets, WiFi connection) and we will try to meet any additional technical requests, subject to equipment and space availability.
When your demo has been accepted to Audio Mostly 2022, we will ask you to provide a 2-5 minute video of your demo (i.e. a trailer). This has two purposes, first, it will be a backup solution if the conference has to change to virtual mode, and second, your video will be available via the Audio Mostly 2022 website, even if the conference is on site.
Selection Process

Selection of demos will be curated by the demo & workshop chair and program chairs. Demo papers are subject to the same peer-reviewing process as all other paper submissions (see call for papers) and are considered for inclusion in the main proceedings. However, demo papers shorter than 4 pages will not be included in the conference proceedings published by ACM.

Demo Chairs

Katharina Pollack (Austrian Academy of Sciences)

Norbert Schnell (Furtwangen University)