St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, Austria, 6th - 9th of September 2022

What you hear is what you see?

Perspectives on modalities in sound and music interaction

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Call for Abstracts - AllAroundAudio


Call for Abstracts

The 7th edition of our trans-disciplinary symposium AllAroundAudio will take place on Tuesday, September 6th 2022 as an opening event of Audio Mostly 2022.

We encourage the submission of abstract proposals within our established topics that range between acoustic creation and auditory perception, including music, sonic interaction and information design. To identify trans-disciplinary intersections and fields of interest for future collaborations, experts of any field - even if touching aspects of audio only peripherally - are invited to share their insights and visions. Besides audio domain experts and creators, this may include researchers and designers from fields such as, but not limited to, interaction or product design, gaming, VR/AR/XR, city planning and development, architecture, electrical and mechanical engineering, computer science, digital healthcare, medical technology, or automotive (to name just a few).

The AllAroundAudio Symposium has been organized as an optional course for our media students which makes it also interesting for our Erasmus partners, since it fulfills the teaching requirements of Erasmus+Teaching Mobility.

If you are interested to participate and contribute to this – at least we may say so for the previous years – inspiring event with a presentation, installation and/or demo, please submit an abstract (number of characters including spaces: 1500 – 2500, no specific template). Submission will open on March 1st. The abstract will be published in the conference program (online). There will be no registration fee for participating at the symposium.

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We would be very happy to welcome you in September, 
best regards,
Michael Iber, Kajetan Enge and the  St. Pölten UAS Student Section of the Audio Engineering Society (AES)