September 7 – 9
Coimbra, Portugal (University of Coimbra)

Sound and Context

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Audio Mostly 2011 was organized in Coimbra, Portugal on September 7 – 9, 2011. It was hosted by the University of Coimbra and the theme was “Sound and Context”, covering ways in which sound and music can be utilized as a way to create context, in physical and virtual environments, and especially as a way to enhance the experience in interactive applications.


The conference took place at “Polo II” – the Faculty of Science and Technology campus.

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Best Paper and Presentation 2011

After analyzing the feedback expressed through questionnaires as well as from the review process itself, the organizers of the AM 2011 decided to attribute the following distinctions:
The * Best Paper Award * goes to:
Examining effects of acoustic feedback on perception and movement adjustments in on-water rowing training.
Nina Schaffert, University of Hamburg, Klaus Mattes, University of Hamburg,
Alfred O. Effenberg, Leibniz University Hannover

Nina presented a paper that excels in combining a clear problem statement with a challenging experimental setting. Nina’s paper is exemplar of empirically grounded research with a clear impact on studies of Human-Sound relationships and their influence in performance settings.

The * Best Presentation Award * goes to:
Sound Parameters for Expressing Geographic Distance in a Mobile Navigation Application.
Mats Liljedahl, The Interactive Institute – Sonic Studio,
Stefan Lindberg, The Interactive Institute – Sonic Studio

With a sound, witty and clearly delivered presentation, Mats has gone the extra mile to meet his audience.