October 22 – 23
Piteå, Sweden

Sound in motion

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Call for Papers

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Important dates:
Deadline for paper submission - May 25
Notification of acceptances - June 25
Final paper Camera Ready - August 25
Deadline for registration - October 1
Conference - October 22-23

Audio in all its forms - music, sound effects, or dialogue - holds tremendous potential to engage, convey narrative, inform, dramatize and enthrall. However, in computer-based environments, for example games, nowadays the interaction abilities through and with sound are still underrepresented. The Audio Mostly Conference provides a venue to explore and promote this untapped potential of audio by bringing together audio experts, content creators, interaction designers, and behavioral researchers. Our area of interest covers new sound applications that demand or allow for some kind of interactive response from their listener, particularly in scenarios where screens and keyboards are unavailable, unsuitable or disturbing. This area implies cognitive research and psychology, as well as technological innovations in audio analysis, processing and rendering. The aim is to both describe and push the boundaries of sound-based interaction in various domains, such as gaming, serious gaming, education, entertainment, safety and healthcare.

This year' s theme:
We emphasize, in particular, this year’s theme “sound in motion". This theme covers a wide range of interesting areas from different angles and perspectives, anything between technical
aspects of sound on mobile platforms to design aspects of dynamic sound panning of warning sounds. Contributions addressing this issue are encouraged. We would prefer cross-area work
typically in form of new applications of technology mentioned above applied to one of our preferred application areas.

Paper Submissions:
We ask researchers, composers, game developers, audio engineers, etc. who are interested in sharing their results, perspectives and insight to a multidisciplinary audience to submit full paper of 6-8 pages, poster submissions of 2-4 pages or demo submission of 1-3 pages before May 25, 2008. Please specify if your paper is for a full paper, a poster or a demo. Also position
papers from industrial strategists are welcome.
Authors of accepted paper or poster will be notified by June 25, 2008.
Final paper camera ready are due on August 25.

Areas of Interest (including but not limited to):

  • Sound and music in mobile applications
  • Future uses of sound "on the move”
  • Semantic speech, music, sound analysis
  • Wearable gaming
  • Interactive composing & authoring of music for sound in motion
  • Music recommendations and user feedback
  • Sound design for portable games
  • Transparent Audio interfaces
  • Semantic audio processing
  • Cognition of sound and music
  • Auditory useij interfaces for new environments
  • Spatial audio rendering in saturated environments (cityscape etc.)
  • Audio in teaching
  • New developments for audio broadcasting, podcasting and audio books
  • Games designed around audio and sound
  • Interactivity through sound and speech