University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK

Audio Mostly 2019: A Journey in Sound
18th to 20th September 2019

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Conference Program

Tuesday 17th
Time Activity Details Location
9:00  Registration     Music Department - Foyer (Univeristy Park, University of Nottingham) Bulding No. 33 - Map
09:30 - 5:00 Workshops

Sonic Interaction in Intelligent Cars 

- Bela Workshop - Paper Sensors

Evening Evening get-together t.b.c    


Wednesday 18th
Time Activity Details Location
8:00 Registration     Music Department - Foyer (Univeristy Park, University of Nottingham) Bulding No. 33 - Map
9:30 Welcome     Arts Centre Lecture Theatre
9:45 Keynote Andrew McPherson Title:  Arts Centre Lecture Theatre
10:45 Coffee / Tea Break     Foyer
11:15 Oral Session 1 Sonic Journeys through Space: Audio Augmented Reality and Sonic Atmospheres Arts Centre Lecture Theatre
[1] 11:15 - Michael Krzyzaniak Six types of audio that DEFY reality! (A taxonomy of audio augmented reality with examples)
[2] 11:40 - Laurence Cliffe The Audible Artefact: Promoting Cultural Exploration and Engagement with Audio Augmented Reality
[3] 12:05 - Inês Salselas The role of sound in inducing storytelling in immersive environments
[4] 12:30 - Elio Toppano Moving across Sonic Atmospheres
13:00 Lunch      
14:00 Oral Session 2 Gaming Audio Arts Centre Lecture Theatre
[5] 14:00 - Michael Urbanek Celebrating 20 Years of Computer-based Audio Gaming
[6] 14:25 - Katja Rogers Audio Habits and Motivations in Video Game Players
[7] 14:50 - Adrian Hazzard Adaptive Musical Soundtracks: from in-game to on the street
15:15 Coffee / Tea Break      
15:40 Oral Session 3 Journeys with Sound and Data Arts Centre Lecture Theatre
[8] 15:40 - Emma Young Making the Invisible, Audible: Sonifying Qualitative Data
[9] 16:05 - Iain Emsley Performing Shakespeare: From Symbolic Notation to Sonification
[10] 16:30 - David L Page Music & Sound-tracks of our everyday lives
17:00 Opening Reception Demos, Posters, Industry Stalls   Rehearsal Hall
    [1] Poster 1 - Darrell Gibson A Journey in (Interpolated) Sound: Impact of Different Visualizations in Graphical Interpolators  
    [2] Poster 2 - Andrew Thompson A Model-View-Update framework for Interactive Web Audio Applications  
    [3] Poster 3 - Etienne Richan A study comparing shape, colour and texture as visual labels in audio sample browsers  
    [4] Poster 4 - Luca Andrea Ludovico A Web Prototype to Teach Music and Computational Thinking Through Building Blocks  
    [5] Poster 5 - Yesid Ospitia Dimensional Emotion Prediction Through Low-Level Musical Features  
    [6] Poster 6 - Jeevan Nayal Emotion Recognition in Songs via Bayesian Deep Learning  
    [7] Poster 7 - Dalia Senvaityte Guitar String Separation Using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization and Factor Deconvolution  
    [8] Poster 8 - Luca Turchet Haptification of performer control gestures in live electronic music performance  
    [9] Poster 9 - Luca Turchet Interactive sonification and the IoT: the case of smart sonic shoes for clinical applications - Luca Turchet  
    [10] Poster 10 - Stine Lundgaard Interaction Design for Domestic Sound Zones - Stine Lundgaard  
    [11] Poster 11 - David Alexander LiveCore: Increasing Liveness in a Low-Level Dataflow Programming Environment  
    [12] Poster 12 - Sara Nielsen Mental Models of Loudspeaker Directivity  
    [13] Poster 13 - Signe Lund Mathiesen Sonic Mug: A Sonic Seasoning System - Signe Lund Mathiesen  
    [14] Poster 14 - Trevor Hunter Using Participatory Design in the Development of a New Musical Interface: Understanding Musician’s Needs beyond Usability - Trevor Hunter  
    [1] Demo 1 - Michael Urbanek Creating Audio Games Online with a Browser-Based Editor  
    [1] Demo 1 - Jonathan Weinel Cyberdream VR: Visualizing Rave Music and Vaporwave in Virtual Reality  
    [3] Demo 3 - Luke Skarth-Hayley Demonstrating Customisation Markup in the Siren Songs Sonification System - Luke Skarth-Hayley  
    [4] Demo 4 - Daniel Mayer PbindFx – an interface for sequencing effect graphs in the SuperCollider audio programming language  
    [5] Demo 5 - Trevor Hunter Soundscape: Participatory Design of an Interface for Musical Expression  
    [6] Demo 6 - Laura Boffi The First Experience Prototype of The Storytellers Project - Laura Boffi  
    [7] Demo 7 - George Meikle ScreenPlay: A Topic-Theory-Inspired Interactive System  
    [8] Demo 8 - Serge Bulat Inkblot  
    [9] Demo 9 - Laurence Cliffe The Audible Artefact  
    [10] Demo 10 - Jacob Harrison The Strummi: the design of a guitar-like research product  
19:00 Concert Lindell:
Poietic the becoming
Flowchart Mat
I, You , We
The Economy Experience
Polvere near
Djanogly Recital Hall
20:30 End of day      


Thursday 19th
Time Activity Details Location
8:00 Registration Opens     Foyer
9:00 Keynote Rebecca Stewart Title  Arts Centre Lecture Theatre
10:00 Coffee / Tea Break     Foyer
10:30 Oral Session 4 Journeys in Sound Design and Manipulation Arts Centre Lecture Theatre
[11] 10:30 - Stuart Cunningham Audio Emotion Recognition using Machine Learning to support Sound Design
[12] 10:55 - Gary Bromham The Impact of Audio Effects Processing on the Perception of Brightness and Warmth
[13] 11:20 - Feng Su Toward Generating Realistic Sounds for Soft Bodies: A Review
[14] 11:45 - Thomas Graham Composing spatial soundscapes using acoustic metasurfaces
12:15 Lunch + Posters / Demos     Rehearsal Hall
13:30 Oral Session 5 Transporting Audiences with New Modes of Audience Engagement Arts Centre Lecture Theatre
[15] 13:30 - Dirk Vander Wilt Automating Audio Description for Live Theater: Using Reference Recordings to Trigger Descriptive Tracks in Real Time
[16] 13:55 - Annaliese Micallef Grimaud EmoteControl: A System for Live-Manipulation of Emotional Cues in Music
[17] 14:20 - Luca Turchet Smart Mandolin and Musical Haptic Gilet: effects of vibro-tactile stimuli during live music performance
14:45 Coffee / Tea Break     MD - Foyer
15:15 Acoustmatic Concert Kinnersley:
Metro Faces Petals
Atlas of Uncertainty
Soundscape graphology Listening Room
Kitchen Studies Listening Room
Entre le son et la lumière
Djanogly Recital Hall
16:00 Oral Session 6 Sonic Journeys in Time: Rhythm and Perception Arts Centre Lecture Theatre
[18] 16:00 - Filippo Carnovalini A Real-Time Tempo and Meter Tracking System for Rhythmic Improvisation
[19] 16:25 - Fred Bruford Modelling Musical Similarity for Drum Patterns: A Perceptual Evaluation
[20] 16:50 - Nathan Renney A look at Time (in Digital Musical Systems)
[21] 17:15 - Neil McGuiness The Pulse: Embedded Beat Sensing Using Physical Data [may pull out of presentation]
17:45 Make way to meal venue      
18:30 Conference Meal Peggys Skylight Peggys Skylight
23:59 End of day      


Friday 20th
Time Activity Details Location
8:30 Registration Opens     MD - Foyer
9:30 Oral Session 7 Heads up for Auditory Displays Arts Centre Lecture Theatre
[21] 09:30 - Michael Iber Auditory Augmented Reality for Cyber Physical Production Systems
[22] 09:55 - Marian Weger A hear-through system for plausible auditory contrast enhancement
[23] 10:20 - Ronan O'Dea Auditory Distraction in HCI: Towards a Framework for the Design of Hierarchically-Graded Auditory Notifications
[24] 10:45 - Lars Engeln CoHEARence - a qualitive User-(Pre-)Test on Resynthesized Shapes for coherent visual Sounddesign
11:15 Coffee / Tea Break     MD - Foyer
11:40 Oral Session 8 From Acoustic to Digital: Interacting with Instruments Arts Centre Lecture Theatre
[25] 11:40 - Keisuke Shiro An Intuitive Interface for Digital Synthesizer by Pseudo-intention Learning
[26] 12:05 - Juan Pablo Martinez Avila Augmenting Guitars for Performance Preparation
[27] 12:30 - Jack Armitage Bricolage in a hybrid digital lutherie context: a workshop study
[28] 12:55 - Alejandro Delgado Luezas A New Dataset for Amateur Vocal Percussion Analysis
13:30 Lunch / Closing Session / Concert     MD - Recital Hall