23-26 August

Queen Mary, London, UK

Augmented and Participatory Sound and Music Experiences

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Music Program

Web Audio Mostly Concert – Wednesday 23rd – 93 Feet East [map]
7.00 Plurality Spring (Simon Hutchinson and Paul Turowski)
7.15 Human-Robot Improvisation: Cyther (Scott Barton)
7.30 Stockholm, 7th of April 2017 (Luca Turchet)
7.45 Live Coding Youtube (Jungho Bang) – Selected by Web Audio Conference
8.15 Frabjous Day (Charlie Roberts) – Selected by Web Audio Conference
8.45 Improv (Franziska & Chris) – Selected by Web Audio Conference
Followed by DJ session
Audio Mostly Concert – Friday 25th –Oxford House Theatre [map]
7.15 Transmusicking I (Magdalena Chudy, Nela Brown, Maria Papadomanolaki, Sonia Wilkie, Ariane Stolfi, Tuna Pase, Franziska Schroeder, Anna Xambó, Léa Ikkache, Jason Freeman, Somesh Ganesh, Agneya Kerure, Jyoti Narang and Shijie Wang)
7:35 The wood and the water (Balandino Di Donato and Eleanor Turner)
7.50 The Gift of the Algorithm: Beyond Autonomy and Control (Alan Chamberlain and David De Roure)
8.10 Interval
8.30 “Climb!” A Virtuoso Piece and Musical Game for Disklavier (Maria Kallionpää, Chris Greenhalgh, Adrian Hazzard, David M. Weigl and Kevin R. Page)
8.55 GrainField (Benjamin Matuszewski and Norbert Schnell)
Fixed Media Listening Experience – Thursday 24th
Location: Main Music Room, People’s Palace
  The Good Ship Hibernia (Stephen Roddy)
  Breakpoint (Daniele Pozzi)
  2017 Tweetup (Visda Goudarzi)

Please note that this is the provision programme, and is subject to change