23-26 August

Queen Mary, London, UK

Augmented and Participatory Sound and Music Experiences

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Information for Presenters

Oral Presentations

Regular papers are allocated a maximum 20 minute time slot for presentation, plus 5 minutes for questions. Changeovers between presenters will take place during these 5 minutes. Presenters and session chairs will be required to ensure that the changeovers between presentations goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible in order to keep to the schedule for the session. Presenters will have access to standard AV equipment. Personal computers can be used for presentations, but we require presenters to bring any special connectors necessary.

The list of oral sessions, presentations and session chairs can be found in the conference schedule.

Please be diligent in checking that your presentation works with no technical hitches in the location where you are to present.

Please make sure you meet up with the chair of your session and fellow presenters 10 minutes before the session is due to start, at the location for the session. Be aware that session chairs have been asked to make sure that each session starts promptly on time.

If you are not the first presenter in your session, you should go to the front of the room and set up your presentation as soon as the previous presenter starts taking questions. This is to ensure a smooth transition between presentations. Please however do not start to show your slides until the question and answers for the previous presenter are completely finished.

Each presentation is allowed up to 20 minutes presentation time, plus 5 minutes for questions. The session chair will warn you when you are within 5 and then 2 minutes of the end of your 20 minutes presentation time.

If you should finish before the end of your 20 minutes, this is not a problem. Session chairs have been asked in these circumstances to proceed to questions for your presentation. Note that if this should happen with presenter’s earlier in your session, it might mean that your presentation time is slightly earlier than scheduled. Audio Mostly is a single track conference, so in general there is not an issue with people moving between parallel tracks to see specific presentations.

Session chairs have been asked to be strict about stopping presenters and proceeding to questions at the end of their 20 minutes presentation time.

Poster Presentations

Poster dimensions

Posters must be printed in either the A0 portrait (118.9 x 84.1 cm) or A1 landscape (59.4 x 84.1 cm) formats. These formats are appropriate for the conference standing poster boards (182.9 cm tall and 91.4 cm wide, 6 x 3 feet). We discourage posters using the full area of the standing poster boards, as the lower part will be difficult to read. Note that A0 landscape is too wide to fit on the boards.

Poster session logistics

Poster & Demo sessions will be held during each afternoon of the conference main track (23, 24 and 25 August 2017). The list of Poster & Demo sessions and presentations can be found in the conference schedule.

Each poster paper will have a reserved poster board displaying the title of the related paper. Drawing pins (thumb tacks) will be provided to secure your poster in place. It will be possible to set up posters during the morning or lunch time, before the afternoon poster session. We recommend to set up posters during the morning coffee break.

Presenting authors (or stand-ins) are expected to be next to their posters and present them for the duration of the session. All posters will have to be cleared from the boards at the end of the day.

Special technical requirements

By default, only poster boards will be provided for poster presentations. If other material/equipment is needed for your poster presentation please specify your needs by email to the AM 2017 Poster Chair, Johan Pauwels (j.pauwels@qmul.ac.uk), by 4 August 2017 (e.g. table, chairs, access to a power socket, if you would like to make a demo from a laptop accompanying your poster). We will check if the necessary arrangements can be made.

Please note that it will not be possible to use loudspeakers to play audio examples during Poster sessions not to affect other presentations. Presenters should in this case provide headphones for attendees.

Demo Presentations

Demo session logistics

Demo sessions will run in parallel to the poster sessions on each of the three main conferences days (23, 24 and 25 August 2017). The list of Poster & Demo sessions and presentations can be found in the conference schedule.

The Poster & Demo sessions will be held in the afternoons after the lunch breaks. Each demo will be exhibited during one Poster & Demo session. Presenters will be assigned a stand or a room in the demo space, consistently with their requirements.

The demos have to be set-up in the morning or lunch break (we advise the morning coffee break) on the day they have been scheduled for. Some student volunteers will be available to help setting up if needed.

Special technical requirements

Standard equipment will be provided including a table and two chairs. If other material/equipment is needed for your demo presentation, please specify your needs by email to the AM 2017 Demo Chair, Fabio Morreale (f.morreale@qmul.ac.uk), by 4 August 2017. We will check if the necessary arrangements can be made.

Poster & Demo Craze

Poster and Demo presenters have the opportunity to give a short oral presentation of their work during Poster & Demo Craze plenary sessions which will be held on each day after the last morning oral session. Poster and Demo Craze presentations must last no longer than 1 minute using a single slide. Participation is optional, but highly encouraged as it will give presenters the chance to introduce their work to all the attendees ahead of the afternoon Poster and Demo sessions. In order to participate to the Poster and Demo Craze sessions, please send a single PDF slide by email to the AM 2017 Poster and Demo Chairs, Johan Pauwels (j.pauwels@qmul.ac.uk) and Fabio Morreale (f.morreale@qmul.ac.uk), by 11 August 2017. Slides will be set up on a computer in the oral session lecture theatre (note that you won’t be able to use your own laptop for Poster and Demo Craze presentation).

All Presenters

Failure to present a contribution by one of its authors will result in the contribution being removed from the proceedings or programme of the conference. Papers which are not presented during the conference will not appear subsequently in the ACM digital library.