September 2013
Piteå, Sweden (Acusticum)

Sound for Information and Intuition

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The conference will took place at Acusticum and the Department of Music and Media Luleå University of Technology, in Piteå, Sweden.

Acusticum is a creative science park where over 30 business and 1200 persons works, makes research, develops enterprise and educates themselves every day.
At Acusticum is also Studio Acusticum which is one of Northern Europe’s most modern concert halls with world-class acoustics and one of Scandinavia’s largest organs, 10 meters wide, 9.5 meters high with 9,000 pipes and 208 stops.

Audio in all its forms holds tremendous potential for interaction design. Sound can engage, inform, convey narrative, dramatize, create attention, affection and adventure. However, the abilities to interact with computer systems through and with sound are still not sufficiently explored. The Audio Mostly Conference provides a venue to explore and promote the untapped potential of audio for interaction design by bringing together audio experts, content creators, interaction designers, behavioural researchers and others.

The area of interest covers new interactive applications for sound that demand or allow for some kind of interactive response from the users/listeners. It can for example be in scenarios where screens and keyboards are unavailable, unsuitable or disturbing, but it can also be in contexts where sound in combination with other modalities form new and innovative interfaces between users and machines. The area implies cognitive research and psychology, as well as technological innovations in audio analysis, processing and rendering. The aim is to both describe and push the boundaries of sound-based interaction in various domains, such as industry, mobile applications, computer games, education, entertainment, safety and digital arts.


The theme this year was “Sound for Information and Intuition”

The theme covers ways sound can be used to play a different role in the future compared to now. How can sound for example be used in new ways and contexts to convey information and to put the listeners’/users’ intuition in play. How can we tap into users’ knowledge about and experience of how things sound to convey information in new ways? How can we design human-machine interfaces that can be used more effortlessly, interfaces that use sounds to convey information subtly, without demanding the users full conscious attention? Contributions addressing the use of sound and sonic interaction design in potential future fields are encouraged.


Topics of Interest:

The Audio Mostly conference is always interested in sound interaction design in general, is strongly interdisciplinary and provides a space for alternative creative approaches. Hence, prospective contributions are not limited to narrow themes. The following areas of interest are indicative, but not limited to:

Interaction design through sound and speech

Tools and methods for sound interaction design

Tools and methods for the evaluation of sound interaction design

Sound interaction design for information and mobility contexts

Sound interaction design for communication, education or therapy

Alternative interfaces for interactive sound and music

Affective sound design and audio interfaces

Sound and music in games and interactive installations

Audio technologies for social networking

Sound design and sonic art

Interactive composing, authoring and performance

Procedural and generative sound and music


Conference Fees and payment:

Registration before 30/7 2013
Standard Rate 350 €
ACM Members or Comittee members 300 €
Student Rate 250 €

Late registration 1/8-31/8 2013
Standard Rate 450 €
ACM Members or Comittee members 400 €
Student Rate 350 €

Price includes:
– Conference 2,5 days.
– Poster and demosession.
– Proceeding.
– Two lunches.
– Coffee and tea during breakes.
– One conference dinner.


Getting to Piteå

Piteå is located in southern Norrbotten County where the Piteå River flows out into the Gulf of Bothnia right by the sea.
To get here you can fly with the major airlines to Kallax airport in Luleå 50 km north of Piteå.
There are two airlines operating from Stockholm to Luleå Airport, SAS airlines and Norwegian Airlines.
From the airport you need to take a special pre-booked taxi to Piteå. If not: note that it will be very expensive!
The taxi can be booked through our registration service, where you also book your accommodation. It is also possible to make your full travel arrangement through this service.

Please book your registration, venue and transportation through our registration form!




Piteå Stadshotell is the 4 star business and conference hotel in the heart of Piteå that offers both single- and double rooms.
The hotel is located 1,6 km from Acusticum.



Piteå Vandrarhem is a hostel located 2,4 km from Acusticum.