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Dr. Alexis Kirke (University of Plymouth, UK)

“Moved by” not “Surrounded by”: How Emotional Engagement is Real Immersion

Alexis Kirke

We often hear the term immersion being used to refer to 3D sound environments, or full sensory experiences such as VR. However it is possible for our senses to be contained within an experience physically, without feeling truly immersed in it. Similarly, we can be immersed into audiobooks using a single earbud – or films on a mobile phone screen. In this talk I was discuss what I consider to be true immersive experiences, and give examples from my own research that attempt to investigate emotional immersion.

Speaker Bio: Alexis Kirke is a composer and filmmaker well-known for his interdisciplinary practice (he has been called “the Phillip K. Dick of contemporary music”). He is a member of the Plymouth University’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research in the South-West of England, and is composer-in-residence for the Plymouth Marine Institute – the UK leader in Marine research and work on sustainability, marine pollution and conservation. Alexis has completed two PhDs, one in Arts and one in Technology. He has worked as a Project Manager and a Stock Market Analyst (where he developed some of the foundation concepts of the industry textbook ‘Optimal Trading Strategies’), and has published articles on Algorithmic Composition and Performance. Alexis is a poet and critic who has written for publications such as Terrible Work, Oasis, Tremblestone (UK) and Transmog (US). He has also been invited to read at Glastonbury Festival, and was editor of the UK’s first poetry webzine ‘Brink’.